About Us


Universal Power Africa are market leaders in the provision of full-service power & data solutions in Southern Africa, with experience in both power assurance and power quality.

A vibrant team with a strong technical background, UPA provide new-to-the-world products, as well as established expertise and smart innovation. Our focus lies with the provision of Alternative Power Sources, Power Quality Correction, Backup Power Systems, Power Distribution Systems, and Mobile & Modular Data Centre Facilities.

We assure quality commercial, industrial and residential solutions that cater to critical power needs. Designed to optimise operating costs and amp up your return on investment, our products and systems deliver the highest levels of efficiency and sustainability. Offering a range of services from basic sales to advanced one-stop turnkey packages, our solutions are customised and developed to specification in order to address the unique environmental challenges and budget requirements of each individual customer.

Catering to the growing demand for emergency backup power, our onsite generation options address the needs of mission-critical businesses and help them staying a step ahead of storms. Protecting and optimising critical infrastructure, our solutions are supported by a dedicated and extensive network of experienced and highly skilled service engineers.

Overall services include design, maintenance, support, data logging, feasibility studies, thermal scanning and monitoring and other supportive operations. We are proficient in the installation, maintenance and support of  new, innovative, and quality products that ensure a reliable, efficient, and cost effective operating system; an operating system that assures the client maximum up-time and complete peace of mind.


Universal Power Africa aims to be the ultimate solutions provider to developing African markets, where successful trading relies on sustainable, robust, cost-effective solutions backed by reliable and efficient service.

UPA offers a wide range of products in Solar, Power Generation, Power Conditioning, Uninterrupted Power Protection, Power Distribution, & Mobile Data Facility Environments. We pide ourselves on a broad range of services – from basic sales to advanced turnkey projects.

These include: Maintenance, service, support, design, data logging, feasibility studies, thermal scanning, monitoring and communications.

Unique equipment such as the patented Rotary UPS design. UPA don’t just sell solutions – our team design, consult, and support.

We perform everything from basic to intricate/complex system operations, such as paralleling, peak lopping/shaving, redundant designs, scalable/modular designs, acoustic/ sound attenuation, grid tie & off grid, remote cooled generators in confined spaces.

Complete turnkey solutions that include feasibility studies, design, installation, monitoring, maintenance as well as expert technical support on all products.

Custom distribution panels and power transformers where required.

Feasibility studies that prioritise ROI and solutions that help you save money.

Unique and creative implementation of power and data equipment that effects large savings on utility bills.

Innovative power and data equipment that ensures of facility (incl large scale motor operated industrial production plants) power supply and by doing so, ensure uninterrupted production and information processes.

Condition the supply power and ensure longevity of plant equipment to create environment with limited production interruptions.

UPA is a distributor of smart and innovative power solutions, with a strong presence in Sub Saharan Africa.

Our vibrant team possesses a strong technical background. UPA not only provide innovative power solutions but install, maintain and support clients across the continent.