Rotary UPS


The RBT builds upon the Rotabloc Energy Storage Unit to provide a simple UPS system that can be configured to provide the desired level of redundancy and resiliency for your facility. Efficient and sustainable, RBT can be used in low and medium voltage and, in either design, RBT delivers highly competitive CapEx and exceptionally low OpEx leading to an unmatched Total Cost of Ownership.

The system consists of a standard synchronous generator with no special windings and a simple steel flywheel. The low speed shaft extends bearing life and reduces maintenance. The ROTABLOC machine is very robust as critical functions do not use fragile components such as power electronics, power capacitors, electro-chemical batteries, active magnetic bearings, electro-mechanical or mechanical friction clutches.

RBC Conditioner

Industry is more dependent than ever on a high quality electrical power supply. Whether you are a food or beverage producer , manufacturer of industrial or consumer goods, iron or steel works or treating water, your operation must overcome numerous challenges to ensure a consistent flow of energy.

The RBC Power Conditioner is a simple, robust and cost effective solution to the power quality problems faced by your operations every day:

  • Slow voltage fluctuations
  • Over-voltages
  • Harmonic and inter-harmonic voltage distortions
  • Voltage drop-outs, micro-Cuts and flicker
  • Low power factor

These anomalies directly impact your facilities productivity and profitability; damaging your assets, causing downtime and increasing your energy costs. The RBC, developed and built by IEM Power Systems, protects your facility against these issues efficiently and reliably.

Our Range of Products

RBT 400

RBT 500


RBT 630

RBT 800

RBT 1000

RBT 1250TW

RBT 1600TW

RBT 1750TW

RBT 2000TW

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